Senaru Waterfall and Panorama Walk - 1 Day


You will find all these natural waterfalls at the end of the climb of Rinjani mountain adjacent to Senaru village. After trekking mount Rinjani you should visit Sindang Gila waterfall and Tiu Kelep waterfalls, these two waterfalls are located in Senaru Village, the area of the National Park of Mount Rinjani.

These beautiful waterfalls are conveniently near each other. Every day especially on weekends many tourists visit these attractions. From the ticket sales counter, visitors must enter on foot down the hundreds of stairs to visit the waterfall Sindang Gila.

The origin of the name Sindang Gila i.e. when there is a lion or crazy in the local language is called Sindang Gila create disorders in villages. The citizens of according to the legend chased crazy lion into the Woods until they happened to discover this waterfall. You will find a refreshing pool of water to swim in at the base of these beautiful waterfalls. A nice relief from the hot weather. Not far from the waterfall Sindang Gila, there is a waterfall that is not less beautiful Waterfall, IE: Tiu Kelep.

The journey to the waterfall is about 40 minutes walk from the waterfall Sindang Gila. The tourists have to go down the stairs, past the trail follow the flow irrigation, crossing a rocky river preceding across the footpath on the in shade of leafy trees.

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